Accomplishments so far…

Here’s a list of some of the steps we’ve taken over the past few years to “do the right thing”:

– Replace old light bulbs and fixtures with energy-efficient florescents
– Pioneer food waste recycling at our West Seattle and Burien locations
– Participate in City Light’s GREEN UP renewable energy program at the Gold Level
– Replace our company vehicle with a diesel pick-up that runs on bio-diesel
– Switch to organic barley as the base malt in all our beer recipes
– Pour only organic, fair trade tea and locally roasted coffee at both our pubs
– Serve organic field greens, spinich, and green leaf lettuce in our salads
– Serve “100% all-natural” drug & hormone free beef, chicken, and pork
– All meat supplied by Fulton Meats, the nation’s first certified sustainable producer
– Re-use spent grain from our brewing process as an ingredient in all our burger buns
– Re-cycle waste fry oil into biodiesel in partnership with Standard Biodiesel
– Feature exclusively locally-brewed guest beers from our home state of Washington


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